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  • Intermec CN4
  • Dolphin 9900
  • Opticon H19
  • Motorola MC9090
  • Opticon H16
Intermec CN4 Review

Intermec's 3.5G version of the CN3. A ruggedized PDA with lightning fast wireless communications for your mobile workforce. Recommended for field sales and service, warehouse managers or anyone who needs a technology dense handheld that will survive in the wild.

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Dolphin 9900 Review

The next Best of Breed contender in the fullsized rugged handheld space.

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Opticon H19 Review

A lightly ruggedized smart phone with a real laser on board. Big brother to the H16.

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Motorola MC9090 Review

The latest member of the MC9000 family, the MC9090 is the always connected rugged device for the warehouse, the dock or the yard.

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Opticon H16 Review

A smart phone with a real laser scanner on board. Perfect for your mobile sales force or regional managers.

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Mobile Hardware Reviews is Different

As software solution providers, we test a lot of equipment with our route accounting software, we see the good stuff and the not so good stuff, and we've decided to pass what we learn along to you.

We know there are many sources for consumer grade PDA reviews, but if you are an enterprise IT buyer trying to choose the ruggedized handheld device your company will use for the next five to seven years, there really is nowhere to get honest reviews of the available equipment. The few "review" sites out there seem to simply regurgite the manufacturer’s marketing material and datasheets.

MobileHarewareReviews.com is different. We will tell you the good and the bad about each piece of equipment from the perspective of software developers that test our software on this type of hardware every day. We will also do our best to make the reviews practical for you by evaluating equipment based on criteria such as:

  • Survivability
  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value
We will review handheld devices, printers, wearable computers, scanners, and tablet PCs. Our first reviews will cover the latest offerings from Motorola (formerly Symbol), Handheld Products, Intermec and PSC to name a few. We’ll take a look at what’s on the market currently, as well as what’s coming on the horizon.